PH04 Phono Preamplifier

PH04  MC-MM RIAA Preamplifier

The PH04 is a high quality phono preamplifier for MC and MM pickups. Two turntables can be connected, thanks to the separate and dedicated inputs.

Its construction is completely dual mono, with separate supply unit and signal paths for each channel.

The amplification unit has separate boards, to obtain a real dual mono circuitry. MC input parameters are widely configurable. MM inputs add a gain level selector.

Active stages are realized with high grade low-noise op-amps, equipped by a passive  equalization network, that guarantees an accurate and correct RIAA curve reproduction.

To ensure wide dynamic, speed and 3D sound, each channel is equipped with 6 separate shunt supply circuits.

The supply unit is provided with two independent power lines, with dedicated transformers, rectifiers and high grade filtration banks. It guarantees a great and clean energy storage for active stages.

An efficient RF&DC filter ensures hum-free condition for the toroidal transformers and avoids noise contamination from main supply.

The simple cases, in a typical Italian design, are made ​​of steel and aluminum with laser machining.


PH04 Functionality features

  • Dual chassis / dual mono circuitry
  • 2 line inputs MC and MM, 1 line output
  • Front panel controls: source, power
  • Cross muting inputs relay switching
  • High quality gold plated RCA jacks
  • High quality circuit board
  • Separate toroidal transformers with
  • very low external EMF
  • Detachable IEC power cable


Circuitry Low noise amplifiers with passive RIAA network
Distorsion THD < 0.03 %
Gain MC/MM MC 61-63-65-66,5db / MM 41db
S/N >95 dB
Bandwidth 10 – 90 kHz +/- 1,5 dB
Inputs MC + MM RCA
Input impedance MC 22-47-100-240-470-1K-47 Kohm 0÷750pF / MM 47Kohm 47pF
Output 2 RCA
Output impedance < 150 ohm
Output voltage > 5 Vrms
Supply 230/240 VAC – 50/60 Hz – 30 VA
Dimensions 450 mm x 300 mm x 110 mm
Weight ( Net- Gross ) 7 Kg – 8 Kg