LT05 Line Valve Preamplifier

LT05  Line Valve Preamplifier

The LT05 is the main product of Audioplus Labs. Natural evolution of LT03, it uses 4 high grade double triodes EH-6CG7 in PSR configuration, that allow impressive three-dimensional soundstage reconstruction, neutral reproduction and true human voice realism.

The input lines are DC coupled, equipped with relay switching circuit and cross-muting function to eliminate any possible interference from unused sources.

The stunning performances of LT05 are possible thanks to the sophisticated anodic supply. The high voltage lines are completely stabilized by an upgraded High Voltage NZOS© Near Zero Shunt Supply  circuit, with redesigned double cell filter, powered by fast and low ESR capacitors, doubled at the output of every single section.

This configuration guarantees large reservoir of energy in every music transient and noise free supply, while the active shunt  circuitry, characterized by very low output impedance and wide bandwidth, eliminates any audible characterization, typical of common stabilized supply.

The heaters supplies are separated and stabilized, with slow turn-on function.

An up-to-date main DC filter ensures hum-free condition for the toroidal transformer.

The elegant and sober case is typical of the Italian minimalist design, with laser machining.


LT05 – Functionality features

  • Stereo line valve preamplifier
  • 4 double triode valves EH-6CG7 matched & selected
  • High voltage NZOS© power supply circuit
  • Slow turn-on stabilized heaters voltages
  • 4 line inputs, 1 pair single ended RCA outputs
  • Front panel controls: power on/off, volume, source selector
  • Remote volume control on request
  • Auto mute turn-on circuit
  • Cross muting inputs relay switching
  • Audiophile quality volume control ALPS (TDK on request)
  • High quality gold plated RCA jacks
  • High quality circuit board
  • Ceramic gold plated pins tube sockets
  • MX chassis construction
  • Toroidal power transformer with very low external EMF
  • Detachable IEC power cable

LT05 Specifications

Circuitry 4 double triodes in PSR configuration – High voltage NZOS© supply
Distorsion < 0.2 %
Senstivity Typ. 100 mV
S/N  98dB
Bandwidth 10 – 100 kHz +/- 1 dB
Inputs 4 stereo RCA
Input impedance 50 Kohm
Output 2 stereo RCA
Output impedance < 250 ohm
Output voltage > 25 Vrms
Supply 230/240 VAC 50/60 Hz  50 VA
Dimensions 450 mm x 300 mm x 110 mm
Weight ( Net- Gross ) 10Kg – 11 Kg