HMA70 Power Amplifier

HMA 70  Power Amplifier

The HMA 70 is an amplifier characterized by reduced dimensions.

Based on a circuit tested, a series of updates to make it an even more reliable apparatus.

Completely dual mono construction, as well 320VA toroidal transformers, final high current power supply filtering 24.000uF well.

Power, discretion, transparency: an amplifier that does not characterize the signal in the transition to the speakers, be able to play every little detail.

The HMA70 is able to provide over 70 Wrms for each channel into 8 ohms. On lower loads are not afraid to nearly double the power, thanks to the power stages in oversized HFET

The elegant and simple container, typical Italian design, is made ​​of light alloy and aluminum with a laser machining.

HMA 70 Functionality features

  • Dual mono power amplifier, full discrete circuit
  • H-FET class AB power stages
  • 2 line inputs
  • 2 pairs binding post outputs
  • Rear panel control on/off
  • Auto mute turn-on circuit
  • Active output protection – relay switching
  • High current gold plated binding posts (forks, cables, plugs compatible)
  • High quality glass fiber circuit board
  • Heavy MX Alloy chassis construction
  • Dual toroidal power transformers with very low external EMF
  • Detachable IEC power cable

HMA 70 Specifications

Circuit Topology Dual Mono Power Amplifier
Harmonic Distortion THD < 0.05 % 60Wrms
Input Sensitivity 2 Vrms  70Wrms 8ohm
S/N Ratio >98 dB
Inputs 1 pair RCA
Input impedence > 50 Kohm
Frequency 10 – 100 kHz +/- 3 dB
Output Power 8 ohm > 70 + 70 Wrms
Output Power 4 ohm > 140 + 140 Wrms
Outputs 2 binding post – cable, fork, plug compatible
Output Impedance < 0.03 ohm
Power Supply 115/230 VAC – 50/60 Hz – 50 VA
Dimensions (WxDxH) 440 mm x 300 mm x 105 mm
Weight (Net-Gross) 11 Kg – 12 Kg