GL01 Line Preamplifier

GL01 line preamplifier

The GL01 is a line preamplifier in class A, solid state and built with discrete components .

For a perfect channel separation construction is completely dual – mono.

The inputs do not have capacitors on the signal path ; are equipped with relay switching contacts with palladium and cross- muting circuit , to eliminate any disturbance from the sources not in use.

The active stages are made with double differential FET transistors and high gain and low noise, followed by a transistor output stages always . This minimal configuration and built with selected components , avoids the problems characteristic of complementary pairs . Being devoid of current generators , ensures wide and high response speed , with a detailed sound reproduction , and devoid of analytical characterizations .

The combination of a power amplifier is made easier thanks to the output stage high current and low impedance.

To ensure the wide dynamics and speed of which is equipped with the GL01 powers of the two channels , as well as being separate for 4 branches , are stabilized with circuits in type NZOS © . The circuitry NZOS © Near Zero Output Supply of AudioPlus provides output impedance of the power stages extremely low, almost zero , and a wide bandwidth

L’elegante e sobrio contenitore, dal design tipico italiano, è realizzato in lega leggera ed alluminio, con lavorazioni al laser.

GL01 Functionality features

  • Dual mono line preamplifier, full discrete circuit
  • Quad NZOS© power supplies for gain stages
  • 4 line inputs, 1 pair single ended RCA outputs
  • Front panel controls: source selector, volume, mute/operate, on/off
  • Remote volume control and mute
  • Auto mute turn-on circuit
  • Cross muting inputs relay switching
  • Audiophile quality volume control
  • High quality gold plated RCA jacks
  • High quality glass fiber circuit board
  • MX Alloy chassis construction
  • Toroidal power transformers with very low external EMF
  • Detachable IEC power cable

GL01 Specifications

Circuit Topology Solid state line preamplifier – Full dual mono – Matched semiconductors
Harmonic Distortion THD < 0,01 %
Input Sensitivity Min 220 mV for 100 dB / Max 5V
S/N Ratio -100 dB ( A-weighted ) IEC268
Frequency 10 – 100 kHz +/- 1.5 dB
Inputs 4 stereo RCA
Input impedence 50 Kohm
Outputs 1 stereo RCA
Output Inpedance < 200 ohm
Output Voltage > 15 Vrms
Power Supply 115/230 VAC – 50/60 Hz – 50 VA
Dimensions (WxDxH) 440 mm x 300 mm x 105 mm
Weight (Net-Gross) 7 Kg – 8 Kg