A100K Power Amplifier

A100K  –  Mosfet Power Amplifier

The A100K is a dual mono power amplifier, equipped with a new generation of mosfets, engineered and optimized for audio use only.

Technical simplicity and selection of components are the best ingredients of transparency and details in every musical reproduction, in the best Italian audio philosophy.

At every listening level the A100K gives an impressive three-dimensional reconstruction, solid  and controlled bass range, with human voice always well present.

The power stages, thanks to the large reserve of stored energy, provide enough power to drive every kind of load, in all conditions. The output current, capable of more than 15A, is limited only by fuses.

To avoid any home supply contamination, a power DC filter, equipped with surge limitation circuit, ensures hum-free condition for the toroidal transformers.

The elegant and sober case is typical of the Italian minimalist design, with a laser machining.


A100k Functionality features

  • Dual mono power power amplifier, full discrete circuit
  • Mosfets as power stages
  • 2 line inputs
  • 2 pairs binding post outputs
  • Front panel controls: on/off
  • Auto mute turn-on circuit
  • Active output protection – relay switching
  • High current gold plated binding posts (forks, cables, plugs compatible)
  • High quality glass fiber circuit board
  • Heavy MX chassis construction
  • Dual toroidal power transformers with very low external EMF
  • Detachable IEC power cable

HMA 100 Specifications

Circuit Topology Full dual mono power amplifier – Class AB – Mosfet output stages
Harmonic Distortion THD < 0.01 % 100Wrms
Input Sensitivity 2 Vrms  100Wrms 8ohm
S/N Ratio >100 dB
Inputs 2  RCA
Input impedence > 50 Kohm
Frequency 10 – 100 kHz +/- 3 dB
Output Power 8 ohm > 100 + 100 Wrms
Output Power 4 ohm > 200 + 200 Wrms
Outputs 2 binding post – cable, fork, plug compatible
Output Impedance < 0.02 ohm
Power Supply 115/230 VAC – 50/60 Hz – 50 VA
Dimensions (WxDxH) 440 mm x 300 mm x 185 mm
Weight (Net-Gross) 18 Kg – 20 Kg