Design philosophy

Audioplus Laboratories, design philosophy

Before designing a product we do what we like best in Italy : listen to music!
Here , our passion stems from the desire to make listening to each particular moment of musical expression again enjoyable and realistic.
We want to come back to ” touch” our senses.
To do this we listen , …. and many more!
And we do it with so many different genres , because music is not just symphonic, chamber or jazz ! But it is also rock, pop , folk , ethnic, with a wide variety of instruments and instrumentalists for whom we have respect and admiration .
They are the true architects of our products ! It is they who challenge us to recreate their musical rainbows .
As a musical instrument which, though simple , is able to “wake up” our senses , our projects retrace the same path.
How Italians are always lovers of the things we create. We learn how to treat them , there beiamo to see them grow and we derive pleasure when it is shared ..
We are artisans of sound reproduction , using only solutions on a human scale , with simple circuitry and balanced .
In dealing with the music signal, we minimize the number of steps , so the sound content is not altered , and listening will not be characterized or euphonic .
We adopt effective and proven types of circuits , we acrobats ! You will not find in our equipment components effect , just to make a fine show if the product or may unnecessarily rich . The only components that you will find are real and the quality and fidelity .
A proper selection of components and design features , still made ​​by hand , combine to create a product visually and prestazionalmente typical , almost unique. Each product is a piece in its own right : not an automatic assembly line but a person , a name, he assembled and cared personally for you!
Last, but not least important , long and severe listening sessions with friends and fans like you, before choosing the final solution !
We look forward to ……….